Career Panel

One of the new and exciting features of RootsCamp this year is the addition of Career Panels. These panels are pre-planned and designed to really pull back the curtain on the many and varied careers in the progressive movement. From management to organizing, from health care advocacy to non-profit careers, we are bringing together a range of panelists who will share their stories, give advice, and illuminate the many ways to make a permanent career in change!  Here are a few examples and some of our amazing panelists – stay tuned as we add more!

Advocacy and Non-Profit careers
Alexis Anderson-Reed, State Voices
Sarah Audelo, Alliance for Youth Action
Chris Melody Fields Figueredo, Ballot Initiative Strategy Center
Jessie Ulibarri, State Innovation Exchange

Advance Careers
Travis Dredd, TD Strategies
Sarah Moss, Sarah Moss, Inc
Tien Nguyen, Consultant

Data Careers
Mahele Fekade, Color of Change
Corryn Freeman, Florida for All Election Fund
Noma Thayer, Consultant
Nia Weeks, Citizen SHE United

Gender Justice Careers
Susy Bates, Supermajority
Kellie Dupree, America Votes

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