Tech Instructions for Speakers at rootscamp

  1. What time is my session? Look at the schedule available on cadence and on our website to see what time you are scheduled. We ask speakers to be flexible and willing to participate in the slot we put you in, but if you have to change your slot, please email
  2. Show up to your session 15 minutes early. The tech moderator assigned to your session will start the zoom meeting; if you show up before your moderator, you might wait a few minutes for the moderator to start the meeting.
  3. The tech moderator is there to help make sure your session goes smoothly. They will help mute people when needed, and help guide the conversation to make sure people aren’t being disruptive. The tech moderator has been instructed to encourage participants to use the ‘speaker view’ on zoom, to stay muted unless they need to speak, and to ask participants to use the chat box and/or ‘raise hand’ feature to help moderate who gets to speak. Use the 15 minutes before the session begins to check in with the moderator and discuss your preferences. 
  4. How to find your session:
    1. Log into Cadence
    2. Go to the Full Schedule in the left hand side, then search for your session in the search bar:
    3. Click to register for the session, then you’ll have the option to ‘Join Online Meeting’. This will prompt a zoom meeting to open. 
  5. Please note, your session will be automatically recorded. 
  6. Unless noted otherwise, your session is taking place in a zoom meeting, not zoom webinar. 

Additional tips:
Make sure you have a strong wifi connection, are situated in a quiet, distraction free space, and ideally with a clear background behind you. Zoom can take up a lot of your wifi bandwidth, so consider closing down any unnecessary applications or tabs before starting your session.

Questions? Please contact

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