Tech Moderator Role at rootscamp

The tech moderator helps facilitate the session by managing the administrative side of the meeting. How do they do that?

  • Make sure you are signed into the correct Zoom account for hosting privileges, and make sure the email address associated with your zoom account is the same one we have on file/the one we use to communicate with you. If your zoom account is associated with a different email address, please let me know ASAP.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before, ensures speaker is present and on time
    • Rename yourself to Tech Moderator so everyone is aware
    • If the speaker isn’t present on time / 5 min early, alert the Cadence Tech Mod private chat (more info on this below), and alert Haili directly if the issue isn’t addressed quickly in the chat. 
    • Make speaker(s) co-host:
      • During a meeting, you can make a participant a co-host by hovering over the user’s video, clicking the “…” icon, and selecting “Make a Co-Host”. Make the session speaker/s co-hosts. 
    • Discuss with speakers style of session (is this a training with one speaker leading most of the session? Is it a free flowing conversation?), whether they want you to read the chat or whether they’d like to do that
    • Check default settings, apply necessary changes based on speakers needs
  • Assist with facilitating / moderating sessions based on discussion with speaker
    • Assists in making sure attendees are present and ready to begin
    • Pays attention to, questions, etc. in chat
    • Do you need to mute/unmute individuals (you will most likely need to do this! Please mute any unnecessary background noise and let speakers know how to do this)
  • Gatekeeper of sessions
    • Mute trollers / disruptors
    • Is someone being disrespectful or preventing others from getting their needs met?
    • Alert Haili if there are any technological difficulties that you are unable to solve
  • Be aware: Co-hosts do not have access to the following settings:
    • Starting closed captioning
    • Ending the meeting
    • Assigning others to co-host

If there are technical difficulties:

  1. Use the chat mechanism in Cadence
    1. In the upper right-hand corner, click the message icon
  1. Click the tech moderator channel
  1. This channel is private, and only tech moderators have access to it. It is staffed by myself (Haili), Essie, David, and Seth, and we are all available to step in if you need help. You can always tag me as well @Haili Copas-Starke. This is your first stop when you need help. Your second stop is to text or call me directly, and please use email if it is not urgent. 
  1. Text Haili at (347) 585-9655
  2. Email Haili at

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