• Zoom Training Resource
    Install Zoom Zoom downloads automatically when you join your first Zoom meeting, but it is recommended that you manually download Zoom from the Download center. (Hosts must have a Zoom account and the app in order to host.): https://zoom.us/download If this is your first time using Zoom, create an account on the Zoom login page by clicking “Sign Up Free”: https://zoom.us/ or use your email and password to sign into your Zoom account Become familiar […]
  • Tech Moderator Role at rootscamp
    The tech moderator helps facilitate the session by managing the administrative side of the meeting. How do they do that? Make sure you are signed into the correct Zoom account for hosting privileges, and make sure the email address associated with your zoom account is the same one we have on file/the one we use to communicate with you. If your zoom account is associated with a different email address, please let me know ASAP. […]
  • Tech Instructions for Speakers at rootscamp
    What time is my session? Look at the schedule available on cadence and on our website to see what time you are scheduled. We ask speakers to be flexible and willing to participate in the slot we put you in, but if you have to change your slot, please email general@rootscamp.org. Show up to your session 15 minutes early. The tech moderator assigned to your session will start the zoom meeting; if you show up […]
  • Are you on Cadence yet?
    Cadence is the event platform for rootscamp. Once you register on eventbrite, you’ll automatically receive a Cadence invitation with the subject line “Welcome to Rootscamp 2020 via Cadence.” Make sure to check your spam folder if you don’t see this email. Alternatively, go to the Cadence login and click ‘forgot password’ to generate your password. If you still have trouble accessing Cadence, please email general@rootscamp.org.  Complete your profile on Cadence Completing your profile (including a […]
  • Rootscamp Community Guidelines
    Welcome to rootscamp 2020– the virtual edition! We are excited to be gathering to debrief on what has been an exciting and sometimes exhausting year. As we transition to an online space, we want to remind our community of our values and principles as well as some best practices to help ensure a productive conference for all! Rootscamp is a place FOR Looking forward to what our progressive movement can accomplish Discussing priorities for progressive […]
  • Career Panel
    One of the new and exciting features of RootsCamp this year is the addition of Career Panels. These panels are pre-planned and designed to really pull back the curtain on the many and varied careers in the progressive movement. From management to organizing, from health care advocacy to non-profit careers, we are bringing together a range of panelists who will share their stories, give advice, and illuminate the many ways to make a permanent career […]
  • Sessions Chosen by You
    The beauty of rootscamp is that the sessions are developed and chosen by the community. But here’s a sampling of sessions we will feature. We run a movement tech help desk & this is what we’ve learned Mind the Gap: What are your advocacy plans through transition of power and first 100 days? Memes for Organizing Campaigning in a pandemic, which tactics are here to stay Canvassing to virtual organizing  How Democrats Can Compete in […]
  • What to Expect at rootscamp
    Introduction to Rootscamp Rootscamp has been a semi-annual feature in the life of political campaigners in the aftermath of an election. Each cycle folks would travel to Washington DC for a gathering of 3000+ activists, organizers and movement people to understand what happened and what comes next. Since the last rootscamp (2018), held for the first time in Baltimore, many more people have been welcomed into our campaigns, organizations and movements. Rootscamp is designed to […]